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Kids will Sing, Laugh, and Learn with the Award Winning friendly blue gorilly, Billy Gorilly.

Billy Gorilly’s songs and stories help kids learn and remember basic facts like counting, letters, days, months, seasons, senses, shapes, and more. Combine the audio with Billy Gorilly’s awesome Rockin’ The SchoolHouse printable activities to enhance the learning experience.

Rockin’ The SchoolHouse Early Education Printables series has tons of coloring pages, writing practice paper templates, worksheets, flash card templates, mini-book templates, and more. There is one chapter to go along with each song on the Rockin’ The SchoolHouse audio CD series. These songs and activities are great for home or the classroom.

It's been proven over and over that songs can be a big help when it comes to teaching children all the basics like letters, numbers, colors etc. We've taken it one step further by designing printable pages to go along with the audio. Each song and story in our Rockin' The SchoolHouse audio CD series, has a chapter in the companion Rockin' The SchoolHouse eWo rkbook to help children master all the basics.

Music, stories, and printable activities, make it easy for children to learn the basic skills they need to know. Rockin’ The SchoolHouse is great for early learners from all backgrounds. The eWorkbook gives parents and teachers an easy clear-cut way to teach kids basic skills, and to chart progress using the included student goal charts.



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Vol. 1 (354-pages)
01 Intro And Story
02 Alphabet Song
03 Count To Ten
04 Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes
05 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
06 Round Things
07 Opposites
08 Counting By Twos
09 Candy Apples And Bananas
10 color Magic (Primary colors)
11 Teddy Twice As Many
12 Counting By Tens
13 Rhymes With Ten
14 Days Of The Week
15 Months Of The Year
16 Season Sisters
17 Horse Manes, Lion Manes
18 Counting Money To A Beat
19 Shake It
20 Be Creative At Your Library
Vol. 2 (375-pages)
01 Intro And Story
02 Days Of The Week Song
03 Five Senses
04 Counting Backwards
05 The Oxen And The Lion
06 Do You Know What Time It Is
07 Big, Small, Or Hardly There At All
08 Counting By Fives
09 Hello_In 9 Languages
10 Get A Clue
11 Parts Of A House
12 Colors Of The Rainbow
13 The Travelers And The Bear
14 Letter Sounds (A-I)
15 Letter Sounds (J-R)
16 Letter Sounds (S-Z)
17 Hand Washing
18 Snacks Or Treats
19 Clean-Up Song
20 Make A Splash (Library Song)

Get the Songs to Go With the eBooks

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What you'll find in the eWorkbooks

over 350 pages in each book
Flashcard Templates
Lyrics to all songs
Words to all stories
Teaching guide for each CD track
Goal Charts to follow progress
Writing practice paper for:
• letters
• numbers
• months
• days of week
• blank writing practice paper
Worksheets for each learning segment
Word Scrambles
Word Searches
Find hidden numbers and letters
Mini-book templates
Calendar template
Coloring Pages
Handwashing teachers guide with pre/post-test
+ much more

paper workbook vs digital workbook

Hard copy

-ok value
-already printed
-can hold in hand
-wait for delivery
-pay shipping
-onetime use
-large storage space

Digital copy

-excellent value
-can print multiple times
-view on computer
-print, then hold in hand
-start using today
-no waiting for mail delivery
-no paper waste
-print only pages you need
-can be downloaded world wide
-easy to use table of contents
-popular .pdf file format


What is a Digital Download .pdf eBook

An eBook (electronic book) is the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book.

Digital files are easy to download and they can be enjoyed almost instantly. Once you make your purchase you will be able to download the file. A link will be sent to your email or you will see a download now button. The great thing is no waiting for a package to be delivered. No shipping cost. We offer all our music and eWorkbooks as digital downloads. The files go straight to your computer for you to use. With digital files you can burn .pdf files to a CD to make a personal back-up copy.

Another great thing about an eWorkbook is the ability to make multiple worksheets, flashcards, and mini-books. Let's say you are a daycare owner, or a pre-school teacher, and you wanted to teach the ABC's to more than one child. You could go to your computer open the file and look at the table of contents, go to the alphabet pages and print out ABC worksheets or make flashcards for each child. Or, if you are a homeschooler you may want to play the memory game using two sets of number flashcards. No problem just print two copies. If you wanted a group of children to listen to an audio story while holding their own book to follow along, then... You could print mini-books for each student so they could each have a copy. The mini-books are very easy to make too! Just print, fold, secure, and you're done. A great craft for the little ones.

The only thing you can't do or should I say shouldn't do (same as stealing) is give the files or CD copies to someone else to use or sell. Each teacher or parent should purchase their own copy to use with their child/students. All the copyright laws apply.

To view a .pdf file use Adobe Acrobat. If you should need the Adobe software it's free. You most likely have Adobe Acrobat already on your computer.

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