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Listen to a Song about Flowers

Working on a flower, gardening, or nature theme? Have the kids listen to Betty Bat, the dramatic diva sing the song "FLOWERS" as they work on coloring, cutting, pasting, cooking, and learning.

Listen to Betty Bat sing the song Flowers

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Download and Print Coloring Pages

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Click to download and pring March coloring page
March Coloring Page
Click image to download and print April coloring page
April Coloring Page
click to download and print May coloring pageMay Coloring Page
click to download and print flower coloring pageHeart Flower Clickc to download and print Betty Bat coloring pageFlowers - Betty Bat Clcikd to download and print spring tulips with a smile coloring pageHappy Tulips Click to download and print spring coloring pageSpring Flower Scene
Click to download and print bunny-flower-coloring pageFlowers, Bunny, Bird Click bunny image to download and print coloring pageBunny Eating Carrot Click image to download and print bunny coloring pageEaster Bunny Click image to download and print coloring page of bunny on easter eggSpring Bunny

Let's Make a
Teeny Tiny Flower Arrangement


Click flower image to download and print instructions

This Craft is Perfect for Mother's Day

• 1 ½ - 2 in. clay pot for each child.
• Homemade play dough tinted green with food coloring. Use enough to fill each pot to the top. Best to make play dough prior to craft.
• Silk flowers with a stem. We used small bunches of 12 found in the wedding section of the craft store. We chose flowers that had 3 flowers, some berries, and leaves on each stem.
• Paint to decorate pots (optional)

• Paint or decorate as desired. Leave plain or make very fancy it’s up to you.
• Put play dough into the pot up to the rim.
• Give each child 3 flower stems. Fold the wire stem to make it the right depth for your pot. Stick flowers into the play dough to hold in place. The dough will harden in a day or two.

Print Instructions Including No Cook Play Dough

Ladybug Apple Snacks

image of ladybug apple snack

This Simple Recipe is Tasty and Cute!

1-small red apple
2tsp.- strawberry cream cheese (low-fat)
1/8 cup- raisins or dried cranberries
1 or 2-red or black seedless grapes

(Optional) lettuce leaves for garnish if desired

Click image to download and print

Print the Recipe, Ladybug Facts, and Coloring page

Billy Gorilly Puts the Fun Back in the Fundamentals

Rockin' the SchoolHouse
Songs, Stories, and Printables

Early Learners from all backgrounds will Sing, Laugh, and Learn their way to a bright future.
Learn More

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to learn more about the Rockin' The SchoolHouse audio and Printables

If you want your kids to learn the basics they'll need to succeed in school and beyond, then Billy Gorilly is your new best friend. Whether you're an innovative teacher, dedicated librarian, or involved parent, it's easy peezy to put Billy's award winning educational songs, stories, and printables to use at home or in the classroom.


Listen to song samples from Rockin' the SchoolHouse, Vol. 1



3-D Flower art image3-D flower art image

3-D Flower Art

Print • Color • Cut • Paste

Download and Print the Template
and Instructions click here




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